MacroVista Pte Ltd

Company Profile

MacroVista Pte Ltd was incorporated in July 2007 by a team of young and enterprising personnel,  each armed with a vast experience of more than 10 years in communications industry.

The company was successfully appointed by Motorola to be the authorized distributor for iDEN handsets, islandwide walkie takie. MacroVista had since expanded the communications business by providing more products and services so we are able to offer the right product or service to meet the continuous needs of our clients.

Year 2011 marks another new beginning for the company in the extension of a new business unit, the Personal Protective Equipment. The company sees the need to offer seamless safety protection for our customers, by offering EN rated protective equipment that covers protection from head to toe, including customization of protective work wear.

We will maintain the entrepreneurial attitude to continuously look out for new technology or products that can further enhance our business and enrich the needs of our customers. That will also enable us to meet and react to any new possibilities ahead.