Manager / Senior Manager, Foreign Workforce Policy, Manpower Planning and Policy Division

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Manager / Senior Manager, Foreign Workforce Policy, Manpower Planning and Policy Division

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

Position Level: Entry Level, Manager

Qualification: Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Nature: Permanent, Contract

You will be a policy officer reviewing foreign workforce policies to balance the trade-offs between a sustainable pace of foreign workforce growth, good employment outcomes for Singaporeans, and economic growth.

To be effective in this role, you need to have a good background in policy making and have an inquisitive and analytical mind. You need to understand the macro trends in the economy, comprehend the range and complexities of various manpower challenges, and analyse how foreign manpower policies can be tweaked to influence outcomes.

Your responsibilities include the following:

  • Analysing trends in the economy, understanding manpower challenges, and the implications on foreign manpower policies
  • Understanding the perspectives of a myriad of stakeholders from government, industry, unions, public
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing foreign manpower policies
  • Communicating effectively to get buy-in of internal and external stakeholdersĀ 


  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, confident conversationalist
  • Good analytical skills and adept at working with data
  • Able to take initiative and work independently with multiple stakeholders
  • Good writing skills
  • Inquisitive
  • Team player
  • Meticulous

Company Overview

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) aims to develop a productive workforce and progressive workplaces, for Singaporeans to have better jobs and a secure retirement. In a rapidly changing global economic landscape, Singapore's workforce and workplace practices have to remain adaptable. MOM's policies help enhance the workforce's profile, promote lifelong employability and income security for Singaporeans, as well as foster excellent working environments that are fair, safe and engage and develop our human capital. As an MOM officer, you will get to work in a range of exciting areas to help the Ministry attain its goals, from manpower policy to industrial relations, and workplace safety to foreign employment regulation.
MOM is a progressive, employee-centric organisation that believes in professional development and promoting work-life harmony to allow its staff to harmonise work and personal needs. We are also proud of our diverse workforce. Whether you are a fresh graduate, mid-career professional or a retired individual, we believe that you will bring unique skills and talents that we can harness towards our mission.
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