Opening for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot (UAV Pilot)



The Air Force Spirit

"To be a first class air force made up of world class people."

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot (UAV Pilot)

The UAV Pilot is trained to operate and pilot unmanned aerial vehicles. You will lead a team of UAV professionals to obtain vital intelligence. You will analyse and interpret highly critical data, contributing to the success of RSAF missions and the defence of Singapore. 


  • Degree: $3,650 - $6,060
  • A Level/IB: $2,420 - $2,890
  • Diploma: $2,630 - $3,540

Basic Requirements: 

  • Medically fit
  • Eyesight not more than 800 degrees per eye, correctable to 6/6 vision
  • Astigmatism not more than 300 degrees per eye
  • Normal colour vision