English Medium or Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Kindergarten Teacher

1. Overview

Roles and responsibilities

  • Organise and deliver the curriculum and programmes
  • Support the development and implementation of teaching approaches and preparation of learning materials and resources
  • Provide a positive learning environment
  • Ensure children's well-being and safety
  • Engage parents and education partners
  • Monitor and document children's learning and growth

For more information on MOE Kindergarten, you may visit the MOE Kindergarten website.


  • Committed to the development and well-being of children.
  • Dedication towards sparking curiosity and the joy of learning.
  • An energetic personality.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to engage children.
  • Enthusiasm and creativity to nurture the next generation.
  • Strong in multi-tasking and organisational skills.
  • A Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching (DECCE-T); or an equivalent qualification.

Salary and benefits

You will be paid a starting salary between $2,350 and $4,106. Your exact salary takes into consideration:

  • Relevant experience and time spend on the job.
  • Academic training.
  • Full-time National Service, if applicable.

Note: Information on salaries are accurate at the point of publication but may be subject to review and change.

You will also be eligible for these benefits:

  • Time off during school holidays, as long as your services are not required during that time.
  • Subsidised medical and dental benefits.
  • 14 days of medical leave without hospitalisation, and up to 60 days with hospitalisation.
  • 10 days of urgent leave for private matters, subject to approval.
Learn more about the benefits as a Public Officer .

2. Application

The application windows in 2021 are as follows:

Application: 11 January to 24 January 2021

  • Interview period: early to mid-February 2021
  • Start work on: 19 April or 16 August 2021

Application: 29 March to 11 April 2021

  • Interview period: mid to end April 2021
  • Start work on: 16 August or 11 October 2021

Application: 20 September to 3 October 2021

  • Interview period: mid to end October 2021
  • Start work on: 27 December 2021

Note: The above timelines are indicative.

Submit your application via Careers@Gov:

What you need to know

  • When filling up the application form, under the field 'Position applied for', please select 'MOE Kindergarten Educator'. Otherwise, there could be a delay in the processing of your application
  • For all application windows, your application should reach us by 11pm of the closing date. If you do not hear from us within 6 weeks from the application closing date, you may deem your application as not successful
  • Applications submitted outside the application windows will be processed together with other applications received in the next application window
  • You may check the status of your application periodically via Careers@Gov

3. Selection process

Shortlisted applicants will undergo the following concurrent processes which may not take place sequentially:


If you are shortlisted for an interview, you will receive an email informing you of the interview details and documents that you are required to bring to the interview. Please bring all required documents to facilitate the processing of your application.

The interview comprises 2 components:

  • Written task
  • Discussion with the panel

Note: Due to the large number of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be notified to attend an interview.

Entrance proficiency test (EPT)

You may be required to sit for and meet the minimum requirements of the tests at the Ministry's discretion.

If you are required to take any of the tests, you will be informed and scheduled for them. Details of the tests will be sent to you through email.

Medical examination

You will be required to undergo a medical examination, paid for by the Ministry, which may include vaccinations according to regulatory and prevailing guidelines adopted by the pre-school sector.

Please go for the medical examination as soon as possible to facilitate the processing of your application.

Note: Undergoing the medical examination does not indicate that you have been selected for appointment.

Selection for appointment

If you meet all the Ministry's requirements, your application will be considered in competition with other applicants. If you are selected for appointment, you will receive an invitation to attend the appointment briefing.

We will inform you via email if your application is unsuccessful. Alternatively, you can check your application status anytime via Careers@Gov.