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Naval Warfare System Experts - Electronics

Job Description

As a Naval Warfare System Expert (Electronics), you play a vital role in ensuring our ships are always combat-ready. You’ll maintain key systems that give our warships superiority at sea. Apply and grow your technical expertise in one of these areas:

Navigation Systems

Navigate the warship to any part of the world with state-of-the-art radar, electronic charts and advanced navigation gadgets.

Communication Systems

Enable the ship to send and receive vital information using an array of intricate communications equipment.

Underwater Warfare Systems

Eliminate any underwater threat to the warship by using cutting-edge sonar and mine-hunting equipment.

Command & Control Systems

Use state-of-the-art systems to observe the dynamic three-dimensional battle situation and analyse threats coming from the air, surface and sub-surface.

Weapon Systems

Neutralise any possible threats using a wide array of sophisticated weaponry, from guns to long-range missiles.

Academic Qualifications

Relevant Diploma, Higher NITEC, NITEC or equivalent

Basic Requirements

  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship
  • Medically fit (PES A & PES B)
  • Normal colour perception
  • BMI less than 27

Starting Salary

ME1 Trainee

Diploma : $2,270 
Higher Nitec : $2,070 
Nitec : $1,830


Diploma : $3,070 * 
Higher Nitec : $2,880 * 
Nitec : $2,640 *


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